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Calculate ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is arguably the most popular metric to use when comparing the attractiveness of one IT investment to another. Use this calculator to create an investment benefit analysis for BenXcel®, BCC's web enrollment and ongoing administration tool.

BenXcel® Employee Self-Serve includes:
Client Name:  *
Return On Investment
Key Assumptions
*  # of Employees
*  Average Annual Salary
*  # of Locations
Cost Savings
Employee Time Looking for info/issues $
Benefit Plan and Open Enrollment Documents / Distribution $
Company Handbook and Forms Distribution $
New Hire Orientation and Communications (materials, travel, & labor) $
Employee Inquiries $
Issue Management Avoidance $
Travel Costs for Enrollment Meetings (note: travel to 1/3 of branches) $
Total Annual Cost Savings $
BenXcel® System Including COBRA
Year 1 - Implementation & Maintenance $
Year 2 - Implementation & Maintenance $
Return On Investment
Year 1 %
Ongoing %
Calculations are for illustrative purposes only and actual costs may vary.
Discounts may apply.
These figures do not include estimates for part time/seasonal employees.
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