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Success Stories

Benefit Coordinators Corporation (BCC) is a provider of outsourced solutions connecting Human Resources, Benefit Management and Specialty Administrative Services.

I wanted to make a special point to commend you and your team in regard to their incredible helpfulness and professionalism in implementing BenXcel for our company.

The team we dealt with were so incredibly customer oriented. They each individually and as a team, made all of us feel like we were their only client or one with 500,000 lives (when we only have 160).

Here are some examples. After our Open Enrollment we are on a call talking about FSA – Sheri Irvin mentions that she will be up in our area talking with our TRUEBenefits Broker and offers to meet with our employees (especially those that are new to the FSA) to answer any questions. Really! Out of the blue! Just does it!

In the same conversation, Karen Martellotti offers to do a tally of Enrollment communication pieces (what and where they are located) so that we can ensure we have the information needed to put together (thorough) new hire packets.

This is beyond their incredible availability, the detailed plan and checklist that they follow, the way they roll with the punches (as we threw them curves in regard to rates), speed to follow up and speed to respond to requests from us to make changes (like on the FSA direct deposit screen, change in verbiage on BenXcel, the change in a label in Benergy). Most if not all these changes were done within a day or two of us bringing it to their attention.

This isn’t an exhaustive list just the things I could think of. There were many more. What an incredible team!!! I know this takes more than just the two of them and want to recognize the whole team for their efforts which exceeded our expectations and helped achieve 100% customer satisfaction (not one negative comment about this brand new system/process).

Thank you to Karen M.; Sherri I.; Denise S.; Shelli G.; Crystal F.; Kelly J.; and Patrick H. Incredible work!

Mark Borys, Allyis
Director of Human Resources

Mark Borys
I want to take this opportunity to relay to you my experience with Deb, Karen, and BCC.

In my 17 years of working with employee benefits I rarely encounter such an excellent and high-level of customer service as I have from Deb and Karen. They are professional while being personable, knowledgeable and appropriately helpful. So whatever it is BCC does to support, equip and reward employees like Deb and Karen - please continue.

Both Rich and I look forward to working with BCC in making sure that our mutual client is well taken care of for the upcoming September 1, 2006 plan year.
Janet, Account Executive
Sutron Corporation
I love the website! Star won't have to send the preliminary and final registers anymore unless you guys are required to do so. I went through all the menus and options and I think it is great. Thanks so much! What a great tool for me.
Southeast Corporate Credit Union
We started out with paper copies, now we're able to do all changes online, it is the best way to go! We love BenXcel.
Roberta Rayford
Kaftan Enterprises, Inc.
Your entire company has exhibited tremendous customer service skills and it has been a pleasure to work with you and the staff at Benefit Coordinators.
Kelly Fish, Accountant/Human Resources
Barney & Barney
Cris at BCC has done an exceptional job with handling some challenging scenarios with many of our clients. It is so important that while we resolve customer service issues together that we also remain in a pro-active stance to educate the participants on how the system works. Cris takes the time & opportunity to not only solve the problem but to put a strategy together for the future. This is greatly appreciated by our team, our client, and of course the employee.
Laurie Carlson, Account Manager
Schaedler Yesco Distribution
Thank you for the excellent service you have provided to us during our enrollment period. I received my debit card in the mail on Saturday, so you certainly have been efficient. As you know, we switched from another provider to BCC and have been pleased with the service. In fact, we hardly have to think about our FSA plan, which is as it should be. Our employees receive prompt and courteous answers to their questions and timely reimbursements. Choosing BCC has proven to be an wise decision! Sincerely, Sandra Roberts HR Assistant Schaedler Yesco Distribution
Country Club of York
Everything is going great! So much easier managing everything at one place. I've only used the web a few times but it has worked just fine. Thank you and to everyone else there for all your work in getting things set up. Can't wait until we can start doing the COBRA with you too! Again thank you for everything and I'll talk to you soon! Pamela, Controller
Pamela, Controller
Giant Eagle, Inc.
"Thank you. Everything went as smoothly as it did (and it did) because of the cooperation on both sides. I appreciate all you, personally, took on to make sure we stayed on track and communicated. It was very refreshing to work with a group who is so on the ball. Thanks so much."
Roberta A. Waltz, CAPP
Premera Blue Cross
We have recently elevated BCC to “fast track” status, due to the good results on prior projects, so testing will be easier and also much faster. I look forward to working with you again.
Mike S.
SEMI Association

The BenXcel (BCC's benefits online web based tool) implementation went very well, I thought it was smooth and right on schedule. The database is very friendly and we received very few requests for help but BCC's technical and customer service support were outstanding so those questions were handled professionally and painlessly for me, the benefits administrator.

I love the customized web functionality. Our employees do not have to wait for me for benefits support, they can now go to BenXcel and get the information they need, which includes access to their FSA account and claim information and make eligible changes to their benefits or updates to their personal & dependent information.

The Document Library is a big hit, employees go to it for their SPDs and claim forms. Before they used to call me for help. As far as tough medical claims, BCC has provided us excellent support in pursuing the resolution with our carrier CIGNA. BCC is our wonderful partner in getting these tough claims processed for our employees.

It is a big change for our company (we went live just last year) and I have not yet received a complaint from our employees about the BenXcel system. Needless to say, this system has freed up a lot of my time to attend to other HR related tasks.

I highly recommend BCC and will continue to recommend them to anyone who is interested in partnering with a company for online benefits support administration. BCC's BenXcel tool and broker support are both powerful.

Best regards,
Zenny Geronimo, Sr. HR Specialist SEMI

Zenny Geronimo, Sr. HR Specialist
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